HL Stairs Services

Take a look at the services and process offered by HL Stairs.


We are capable of designing, building and installing for both residential and commercial applications. Each staircase is meticulously designed and engineered to meet your discerning needs. With our design software we are limited only by your imagination and code specifications. We provide detailed drawings and do extensive redesigns to ensure the highest level of comfort for every project. Prior to beginning any job we do careful field measurements and then lay out the stair full size on our shop floor for accurate fabrication.


We coordinate the use of many different types of material in the staircases we build, from traditional designs requiring hard woods and wrought iron to the modern materials of steel and glass. We are expert at building curved glass as well as fabricating wood handrail systems. Our projects often entail staircases of complicated design which necessitate precise geometric consideration when fabricating and fitting the components of the stair together, from the relatively simple straight staircase to the more challenging helical, spiral, curved, bowed and flared designs.


The majority of our stair and railing systems are constructed in our shop over our computer generated full size layouts. This procedure assures us that the stair will fit when it is delivered to the job site. Also, a full size floor layout enables us to see construction or design problems not always clear on a scaled down plan. We endeavor to build the stair and the components as complete as possible so that on site construction in minimized. Many of our clients like to visit our shop during the fabrication process and we encourage this if it is convenient.


The materials we utilize are the best grade of hardwood lumber sold. Because we are a truly custom company, we have used a wide variety of lumber species for the treads, risers, and stringers. We use very little plywood and seldom use particleboard except as material for formwork.


We have found that stair installation can be the most difficult aspect of the entire project. It is essential that experienced people actually do the installation, since many of the tasks associated with the installation are technical in nature and require someone who performs them on a regular basis. We generally install what we build. We do not do final finish of any kind.